The Development Sector

The experience gained by Metrix Realty working with the real estate industry over many years, has provided a background that allows us to deal with every type of real estate development issue. In co-operation with local, regional and national firms, entrepreneurs and syndications, we have provided analyses, advice and recommendations at each step in the development process, from identifying market opportunities to sales and property management.

The people at Metrix Realty are qualified and organized to assist you at every level including:
  • market surveys, highest and best use analyses, planning and zoning applications, development feasibility studies and implementation programmes, leasing and cashflow forecasts;
  • the full range of appraisals, site valuations, building inspections, expansion, renovation and redevelopment studies and land assembly acquisition;
  • discreet marketing or acquisition of properties;
  • arbitration, rental adjustment, assessment and tax issues.
Some examples of situations where Metrix Realty has played a major role in realizing client goals include:
  • feasibility studies, land valuation, rental surveys, lease-up and occupancy projections for mixed use projects with office, retail, residential and business service facilities;
  • successfully assisting a major land developer in a complex land exchange and settlement with a Regional Board of Education at a formal arbitration hearing;
  • providing confidential brokerage services where a clients preferred to test market demand;
  • carrying out assessments in conjunction with our engineering associates, of properties affected by environmental problems, to estimate remedial costs, and the impact on value, future uses and marketability.

A client list and more complete summary of projects is available upon request.

We look forward to assisting you at any step in the development process, and your enquiries with regard to any of our services will be welcome.